Since 1961 Fleetwood has been manufacturing modern style windows and doors for luxury homes. Fleetwood’s dedication to architecture and high standards has established Fleetwood as the leader in the market. Innovative and often imitated.

  • Fleetwood sustains the American dream of success by appreciating this country’s ingenuity and work ethic.
  • Fleetwood is family owned and operated since 1961.
  • Fleetwood windows and doors are made in the United States of America.
  • Fleetwood’s product design focus is the luxury home market.
  • Fleetwood offers products for the whole house, not just a few door or window choices.
  • All products are designed with a “make it better, not cheaper” philosophy.
  • Fleetwood offers a straightforward Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fleetwood Tips for Window Buyers

  • Choose aluminum because of its stamina. Regardless of temperature or corrosive environs (salt air), aluminum will last decades longer than most other window products.
  • Avoid tall (8’+) thermally broken products for openings in direct sunlight. Why? In direct sun exposure the interior aluminum surface is radically cooler than the exterior surface. Because the thermal material slows the exterior heat from conducting this causes short-term expansion, which creates panel bowing. This phenomenon is normal and will NOT impact the warranty but in these applications Fleetwood  recommends non-thermally broken products.
  • Make sure you choose aluminum if your home is in a fire hazard. Wood or vinyl are quickly damaged by heat and embers, allowing fire to enter the house and more oxygen to feed that fire. Extruded aluminum retains its form at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit thereby protecting your home.

  • Make sure the doors and windows are factory glazed because some dealers can buy their own glass. Nobody can glaze our products as well as Fleetwood can, nor does the factory warrant that glass.
  • Investigate the glass you desire. For example, base your energy performance on SHGC performance instead of U-Value unless you live in a cold climate. Obscure Glass
  • Make sure you order “dealer drawings” to insure you get the reveals, sightlines and wall conditions you want. This process adds a few weeks to the lead-time BUT it will save hours of “I wish I had” situations in the field.
  • Make sure ALL your Fleetwood products are being fabricated by the factory. Some extrusions might have been provided by Fleetwood BUT they might not have been fabricated by the factory. Get this assurance in writing. Insure you’re getting the full Fleetwood warranty.
  • Selecting the right hardware is another area you want to make sure you take an active role. For example, casement windows are offered in roto gear operation and “push out” operation. In the roto gear mode, you have less ventilation because of the hardware limitation.
  • Make sure you review each product brochure for available options. Fleetwood oftens hear “I wish I would have known that was available because I would have selected it”.
  • Make sure the window or door you want is properly equipped to handle the weather conditions. Operable windows and doors are intended to bring water into the sill so do not be alarmed if this occurs. “Leaking” is when water splashes on the inside flooring.
  • Fleetwood invites you to explore its website and discover the products Fleetwood makes as well as itsr philosophy in bringing them to the market. Fleetwood endeavors to build window and door products that are better, not cheaper.