Truss & Fast Floor Structural Design

Truss Design: Hayward’s expert truss designers work closely with builders and homeowners to convert ideas and drawings into precision-engineered roof trusses. They consider the size of the building, the number of occupants, the shape and span of the truss, how the truss will be supported, the type of roof construction and ceiling type, and the loads on the truss as part of the process. Hayward’s truss designers also consider the placement geometry and defining parameters, including pitches, heel heights, overhang and cantilever details. They ask the necessary questions to identify any special requirements as well, to ensure that the final product will meet the needs of all of the people involved and withstand the test of time.

Structural Design: Hayward’s Structural Design Department offers free, in-house design services specializing in engineered wood products, floor and roof trusses, and more. Hayward’s technical sales team can assist builders, architects, and engineers when designing and specifying structural wood or steel products for their projects. Our specialties include:

  •  Engineered Wood Product Design (I-joist, LVL, rim board)
  •  Floor and Roof Truss Design
  •  Jobsite Measurement & Framing Review Services
  •  Product Manuals & References

NextPhase™ Site Solutions: Using proprietary Javelin software Hayward can quickly create detailed framing layouts that can produce precision end cuts (including angles and bevel cuts), pre-drilled holes for mechanical runs and individually mark each piece for blocking, connectors placement, and intersecting members. Using this system, builders can increase installation speed while reducing waste and delays on the jobsite.

Contact your Hayward sales representative, or stop by our design department located in our Santa Maria store to speak with a designer today.