Hayward’s Innovative Solutions

Hayward innovative solutions differentiate Hayward from other lumberyards, design centers and pro-oriented hardware stores. Hayward is committed to bringing all of its customers the newest building ideas and building products, as well as the necessary knowledge to build better homes and/or buildings that better serve occupants and deliver the most value for each dollar invested.

Hayward Healthy Home introduces a revolutionary new approach to building, incorporating latest thinking from building scientists and encourages builders, architects and homeowners to consider the health needs of a home’s occupants as part of the design requirements. This approach is designed to increase homeowner satisfaction, to differentiate builders and architects, and to reduce a builder’s overall risk liability. Fast Floor and Roof Trusses incorporate the latest building technology to save builders time and money. Envirosmart encourages builders to take into account the environmental impact of their work, both in terms the toxicity of the materials they use and whether or not the resources consumed are renewable.