The Kolbe Difference

Kolbe doesn’t make mainstream windows and doors. To be honest, Kolbe is not for everyone. Kolbe is for a select group of architects and discerning individuals who are taking home building to new levels.

These people won’t settle for stock visions or stock products. They want to reimagine the shape and size and scale of windows. They are pushing performance and energy efficiency to new levels.

These passionate people, these visionaries, turn to Kolbe. Kolbe creates professional-grade windows and doors that are built to higher standards. This level of quality also comes with a seemingly endless variety of options to personalize your vision. And for those projects where even these options aren’t enough, Kolbe can create custom solutions to bring your ideas to life.

That’s the Kolbe difference. It’s a level of quality and customization that you won’t find in your local home center – but you will find it in some of the world’s finest homes.


Ever since Herb and Ervin Kolbe hired their brother Walter as their first employee, Kolbe has established itself as a family business. Its expert team members make its products superior. More than 200 of its team members have been making Kolbe products for at least 25 years. Without these skilled team members Kolbe could never build the remarkable windows and doors for which Kolbe is known.

At Kolbe, each product is truly built to order. Kolbe doesn’t start building your windows and doors until after you place your order, so they can be uniquely handcrafted to your specifications. All of its products are made with the same commitment to expert craftsmanship and design excellence as when Kolbe started 65 years ago. Kolbe’s team members are craftspeople who focus on building one window or door at a time. That’s why Kolbe has time to focus on the details that make its products unique and higher performing.

Kolbe builds superior products. As proof, Kolbe Windows & Doors has been ranked #1 for quality by BUILDER magazine. * BUILDER is read by over 112,000 builders, architects and other home-building professionals. Kolbe surpassed five other competitive brands in its ascension to the top of the list. Relax, and entrust your vision to Kolbe’s artisan-quality craftspeople.

Kolbe means customization.

Kolbe offers an array of window and door collections, along with nearly limitless custom options, that provide architects and homeowners the freedom to create and execute truly unique designs.

Whether you need to match the timeless style of a historical building, meet strict local energy codes or dramatically extend living spaces into the outdoors, Kolbe windows and doors are customized to fit your needs.

See how Kolbe filled this home with windows that enhance its classic style and embrace the beautiful lakefront views.

Kolbe means craftsmanship.

Kolbe’s commitment to producing quality windows and doors began more than 65 years ago. Their dedication to expert craftsmanship, handmade touches and attention to detail are why Kolbe products are found in some of North America’s most impressive homes and most unique buildings.

Every Kolbe window and door is truly built to order. Their craftsmen focus on building one window or door at a time, so they can create custom-built products for even the most challenging designs. If you can dream it, Kolbe can build it.

Take a look behind the scenes to see how Kolbe crafts made-to-order windows and doors.

Kolbe means expertise.

You can’t find Kolbe windows and doors in the aisles of a home center. As a qualified Kolbe dealer, we are as passionate about windows and doors as you are about bringing unique visions to life.

Kolbe dealers are equipped to work with architects, builders and homeowners to determine which windows and doors will be best for every home or building. Visit us for a personalized design consultation. Together, we can make your dream a concrete reality.

For homeowners interested in learning more about Kolbe, please visit kolbewindows.com Architects and builders can find more detailed information, including energy data, drawings and 3D models, at kolbe-kolbe.com