Zehnder America Inc. provides high quality heating and ventilation solutions to promote comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient indoor living. Zehnder America is a division of the Zehnder Group, headquartered in Switzerland. The Zehnder Group is represented worldwide and specializes in advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation technology.  In 2012, the Zehnder Group reported an increase in sales of 8% for the 2011 business year and ventilation accounted for 32% of sales. The group now has 3200 employees worldwide.  In 2010, Zehnder America started the US Comfosystems division, bringing high-efficiency heat recovery to the US market.

More than 40 years of Zehnder’s experience in the development and production of ventilation devices is the basis for well-conceived products and systems with numerous positive aspects: energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy, user-friendly, and with individual components that are perfectly matched to each other.

Zehnder supports building professionals in the planning of ventilation systems. The air volumes required for the building are determined on the basis of the latest energy saving ordinances and code requirements and the right devices recommended. Geothermal heat exchangers, pre-heaters, moisture recovery and source or mixed ventilation are also taken into consideration, depending on requirements. This provides the building owner with a tailor made offer for a complete ventilation system.

  • Planning support for the installer
  • Training of partners
  • Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Individual offers tailored to customer requirements